Melbourne Youth Force

Building the capacity of young people to drive the response to the HIV/AIDS epidemic. A platform for global youth participation and leadership in the lead up to, during and long after AIDS2014.

The Melbourne Youth Force would not be possible without the incredible, generous support of our sponsors.
UNFPA, YEAH, Queen Victoria Markets, International AIDS Society, Gilead, Four Seasons, City of Yarra, State Library of Victoria, UNICEF, UNAIDS

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For the first time in Youth Force history, the Melbourne Youth Force logo was decided on by young people from across the globe. With 272 young people from 56 countries casting their vote, the logo is a representation of the youth participation and leadership that is core to the Melbourne Youth Force. This demonstrates the value and importance of working together to ensure the voices of young people from all corners of the globe are able to participate and be heard throughout both AIDS2014 and in the global response to HIV/AIDS. Young people love the logo because:

It resembles the coming together of many different people, in harmony for HIV – what MYF is all about. The red ribbon is prominent but the peace sign is colourful and bold and hopefully what the Melb Youth Force will be! Red is the traditional colour for AIDS related advocacy, but this logo is mixing things up a bit. Its AIDS advocacy in technicolor, the hand signal stands for peace and victory. The sign is very common among the youth, the hand signifies strength and diversity with the different colour, gender, race, different sexual orientation and class beliefs. The hand also has a scientific image that tells more of HIV preventions and innovative solutions. Love the peace sign and the coloured hand reminds me a bit of a map with different coloured countries connecting. One hand with different colours describe all nation puts our hand together we can do so much.

 Join us!

Join us!

Youth at AIDS2014 – Yotuh Rapporteur Summary

By Sally Beadle Good afternoon and a very special welcome to all young people and youth force participants we have here today. It is my pleasure to report on the strong and vibrant youth programme that has made a significant contribution to AIDS 2014. I would like to say a special thank you to my […]

Media Release – Young people at AIDS2014 determined to honour those lost

MEDIA RELEASE 20th July 2014 While we wait to hear confirmation of the true impact on yesterday’s MH17 tragedy for the global HIV community, young people are determined to honour the work and lives of those lost. Young people from over 50 countries all over the world yesterday gathered for the second day of the […]

Media Release – Treat all people. Respect all rights. END HIV/AIDS.

MEDIA RELEASE 16th July 2014 As the 20th International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2014) draws closer, young people from around the world are preparing to gather in Melbourne to form the Melbourne Youth Force (MYF) for the chance to have their voice heard by global leaders on an issue close to their hearts. Globally, young people […]

World AIDS Day

To launch the countdown to the AIDS 2014 conference, There were a series of events held across Melbourne: MYF and Youth Empowerment Against HIV/AIDS (YEAH) helped to promote the conference, as part of the ‘Paint the Town Red’ initiative in Federation Square and were joined by UNAIDS Executive Director Michel Sidibé. YEAH helped to further […]

  1. kashif says:

    MYF and YEAH is giving a plateform to youth for participating and proving themselves what they can do for fighting with HIV/AIDs.

  2. udeh says:

    I was not accpted in the aids2014 scholarship but I really wanna to attend this conference

  3. Hi MYF,

    It is a great pleasure to share with you about our upcoming AIDS RIDE 2014 Melbourne local event – bicycle marathon. AIDS RIDE is a continuity in connectivity of International AIDS Conferences since AIDS 2006 Toronto. This is BCARE’s 4th time organizing AIDS RIDE 2014 Washington DC to Melbourne series of events in different places across the globe! AIDS RIDE 2014 Melbourne is organized in association with BICYCLE NETWORK MELBOURNE. I am wondering if youth participants can participate and make this event a big success! Cheers

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