Updates on Downed Malaysia Airlines Flight


Per IAS, the names of those confirmed at this time by friends and colleagues on board flight MH 17 are:
Pim de Kuijer, STOP AIDS NOW!
Joep Lange, co-director of the HIV Netherlands Australia Research Collaboration (HIV-NAT)
Lucie van Mens, Director, AIDS Action Europe
Maria Adriana de Schutter, AIDS Action Europe
Glenn Thomas, World Health Organisation
Jacqueline van Tongeren, Amsterdam Institute for Global Health and Development


There are mixed reports on the number of passengers on downed Malaysia Airlines flight 17 who were AIDS 2014 delegates on their way to Melbourne.  The flight, which left Amsterdam for Kuala Lumpur was reportedly shot down over Eastern Ukraine.   The International AIDS Society is working to find details on any conference delegates who may have been on board–some have been confirmed.  Once a full passenger list is available, we will post it to StepWise.

For AIDS 2014-related updates, please check aids2014.org regularly.  And for general updates on the crash, you may check the Malaysian Airlines website, or general new sources such as BBC, Al Jazeera, or CNN.

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