StepWise Welcomes Melbourne Youth Force!

The StepWise team, ICASO, ICAD, and Melbourne Youth Force together with YEAH, are excited to announce the launch of a new area of StepWise Guide designed specifically for young people interested in and planning to attend AIDS 2014.  This new section of StepWise is designed and managed by Melbourne Youth Force, and will function as the primary web space for the coalition of young people as they work to shape the strategic direction of youth activities and online advocacy in the lead up to and during AIDS 2014.

Melbourne Youth Force (MYF) is a global network of young people and those who support youth leadership in the global response to HIV. MYF is committed to facilitating and shaping the next generation’s response to HIV in the world.

Connect with the MYF Facebook page and through the MYF Twitter: @youthaids2014 and tag posts #youthaids2014 #aids2014 and #stepwise.

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