World AIDS Day

To launch the countdown to the AIDS 2014 conference, There were a series of events held across Melbourne: MYF and Youth Empowerment Against HIV/AIDS (YEAH) helped to promote the conference, as part of the ‘Paint the Town Red’ initiative in Federation Square and were joined by UNAIDS Executive Director Michel Sidibé.

YEAH helped to further their big and bold vision to wake up and shake up public awareness through the raising the world’s largest World AIDS Day sign. In addition to this, to mark World AIDS Day, YEAH created a video about the history of HIV and AIDS, the achievements we’ve made, the challenges that lie ahead and our collective hope for an HIV-free generation.

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  1. kashif says:

    MYF and YEAH is giving a plateform to youth for participating and proving themselves what they can do for fighting with HIV/AIDs.

  2. udeh says:

    I was not accpted in the aids2014 scholarship but I really wanna to attend this conference

  3. Hi MYF,

    It is a great pleasure to share with you about our upcoming AIDS RIDE 2014 Melbourne local event – bicycle marathon. AIDS RIDE is a continuity in connectivity of International AIDS Conferences since AIDS 2006 Toronto. This is BCARE’s 4th time organizing AIDS RIDE 2014 Washington DC to Melbourne series of events in different places across the globe! AIDS RIDE 2014 Melbourne is organized in association with BICYCLE NETWORK MELBOURNE. I am wondering if youth participants can participate and make this event a big success! Cheers

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