Webinar Tomorrow! — Visas for Visiting Australia

Tuesday May 20 – 16h00 GMT

 Register Here

The StepWise team, GNP+, ICASO, and ICAD, are excited to announce the launch of a three-part webinar series by and for community members, civil society, and people living with HIV who are planning to attend AIDS 2014 in Melbourne this July. The first webinar, to be held at 16h00 GMT on 20 May, will cover the process for applying for entry visas for Australia, with an emphasis on how to prepare and what to expect from the process. Note that all people planning to enter Australia for AIDS 2014 should begin the visa application process by mid-May at the latest.

The webinar, which is presented by the AIDS 2014 International Civil Society Partners, will feature a presentation by Helen von Dadelszen, IAS Conference Partnerships Manager, on the ins and outs of the Australian visa application process. Substantial time will also be allotted for questions from participants. So if you’re planning to attend, but have questions or concerns about the visa and immigration process, please join. If you’re not able to join live, a recording will be available on the StepWise website, and you can submit further questions directly to the StepWise Team, or by posting on the StepWise Visa and Immigration page. Be sure to register so you will have all the necessary information to participate!

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