Conference Hubs

What is a conference hub?
Conference hubs are “mini conferences” held in conjunction with AIDS 2014 by local organizations active in the AIDS response. Sessions from the international AIDS conference are recorded free of charge and can be screened at organizers’ discretion. These sessions are typically followed by moderated discussions with local or regional experts to examine how the session content can be used to strengthen the HIV and AIDS response. Conference hubs may also feature workshops or training in addition to the conference sessions. Conference hubs should facilitate discussion and debate among stakeholders, potentially leading to the development of a comprehensive plan for future action at the local or regional levels.

Benefits of organizing a conference hub:

  • Free access to selected conference sessions and expertise
  • Engagement with local and regional stakeholders
  • Strengthened local HIV response
  • Freedom to tailor the information to directly address important issues relevant to your community
  • Increased visibility as an efficient local actor
  • Proven reputation and capacities to mobilize people and resources
  • Expanded local networks
  • Development of new partnerships or fundraising opportunities.


Why organize a conference hub?
Financial, immigration, and/or time constraints may prevent many stakeholders from attending the conference. Conference hubs ensure the global discussion includes all key stakeholders and allow organizers to target issues relevant to their region.

When can I organize a conference hub?
Conference hubs may be hosted at the same time as or after AIDS 2014.

Who can organize a conference hub?
Organizations that may wish to consider hosting a conference hub include non-governmental organizations/charities, PLHIV networks, faith-based organizations, community organizations, clinics and hospitals, universities and medical schools, government entities and UN bodies. Even motivated individuals can host a hub!

Which sessions will be available online?
The list of sessions that will be recorded and available to be screened in hubs will be available through the Programme-at-a-Glance (PAG), once it is released in June. Please note that not all conference content will be available online.

How can I organize a conference hub?
Conference hub organizers are free to schedule their own events to fit their audience and priority areas. We would encourage organizers to select either a topic or a population on which to focus and browse the conference programme to select appropriate sessions to screen. Organizers are encouraged to screen at least two sessions. To avoid internet connection problems disrupting the hub, organizers should download recordings from the PAG and save them on a USB key or laptop.

It is recommended that screened recordings be followed by a moderated discussion with participants to examine how the information or data presented can be used to strengthen the regional HIV and AIDS response. Organizers are also encouraged to organize workshops or trainings that complement the selected conference sessions they have chosen to screen. The programme of the conference hub should facilitate discussion and debate among stakeholders, potentially leading to the development of a comprehensive plan for future action at the local or regional levels.

Conference hub organizers will have access to a Hub in a Box, a DIY toolkit including step-by-step instructions, templates and more on marketing, fundraising, budgeting, and evaluation to help them design and market their events. This will be available in May 2014.

How much does it cost?
Recorded sessions can be downloaded free of charge.

Many items necessary for a successful event may be readily available in your organization or network such as a venue, computer, projector, screen, etc. allowing you to hold the mini conference at minimum cost. However, some expenses may be incurred if a venue, a broadband internet connection, additional human resources, and/or equipment such as a sound system are not readily available. Providing food and beverages are optional.

Organizations or individuals hosting a conference hub are responsible for any extra expenses incurred. However, fundraising ideas and suggestions will be included in the conference kit sent to all organizations selected to host a mini conference.

Please note that all conference hubs should be organized free of charge for participants. Organizers are welcome to charge the cost price for any food and beverages offered, but conference hubs should be not for profit.

What’s provided by the conference?

  • Access to all conference recorded sessions, with video and audio files, in English, accompanied by PowerPoint slides
  • A toolkit with marketing and programme templates, tips and guidelines
  • Free advertising on the conference website
  • Networking and publicity through the conference hub Facebook page
  • Free access to the conference logo and style guide


What are the responsibilities of conference hub organizers?

  • Secure an appropriate venue
  • Attract participants, marketing the event locally/regionally
  • Invite and coordinate moderators, additional speakers (optional) and rapporteurs (optional)
  • Screen at least two speaker presentations
  • Provide interpretation/translation services if your participants require languages other than English