Harm Reduction Services at AIDS 2014

Concerned about Opioid Substitution Therapy or needle/syringe availability while in Melbourne for AIDS 2014?  Fear not!   There are options for OST and clean needles in Melbourne and elsewhere in Australia.  View the AIDS 2014 Harm Reduction Factsheet for complete info.

For those on OST, the best option is to bring a take away supply from home.  You are allowed to bring up to 30 days supply of methadone or buprenorphine into Australia, provided you have the proper documentation.  (See factsheet)

You may also be able to obtain some forms of OST in Melbourne.  But, if you can, bring your own, as there can always be complications on the ground. (See factsheet for details and necessary documentation.)

Needles/syringes , and other safe injection items will be available on site at the conference venue.  Stay tuned for further details on exact location.

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