The International AIDS Conference is governed by several committees composed of various international stakeholders.  The Conference Coordinating Committee (CCC) is the central governing body.  The CCC makes top-line programme decisions such as selecting plenary topics and speakers and some financial and policy decisions.  The conference programme is driven by the three Conference Programme Committees: the Community Programme Committee (CPC), the Leadership and Accountability Programme Committee (LAPC), and the Scientific Programme Committee (SPC). Co-Chairs of each programme committee sit on the CCC.


Conference Coordinating Committee (CCC)

Françoise Barré-Sinoussi (France), International Chair and IAS President
Sharon Lewin (Australia), Local Co-Chair

CCC Members
Brent Allan (Australia), Local CPC Co-Chair
Bertrand Audoin (Switzerland), IAS Executive Director
Mohammed L. Barry (Gambia), Youth Representative, co-opted
Chris Beyrer (United States), IAS President-Elect
Louise Binder (Canada), International LAPC Co-Chair
Christopher Castle, UNESCO
Levinia Crooks (Australia), ASHM – Local Scientific Partner
Jenny Da Rin (Australia), AusAID – Local Leadership Partner
Marcus Day (Saint Lucia), ICASO
Eric Fleutelot (France), Sidaction
Adam Garner (The Netherlands), GNP+
Pradeep Kakkattil, UNAIDS
Prudence Mabele (South Africa), PWN
Craig McClure, UNICEF
Robert Mitchell (Australia), NAPWHA – Local Community Partner
Laxmi Narayan Tripathi (India), APNSW – Regional Community Partner
Annmaree O’Keeffe (Australia), Local LAPC Co-Chair
Sunil Pant (Nepal), Regional LAPC Co-Chair
Ramesh Paranjape (India), NARI – Regional Science Partner
Susan Paxton (Australia), ICW
Marian Pitts (Australia), Local SPC Co-Chair
Sai Subhasree Raghavan (India), IAS Regional Representative
Gita Ramjee (South Africa), International SPC Co-chair
Anouk Rey (Switzerland), Conference Director
Jürgen Rockstroh (Germany), IAS SPC Co-Chair
Narasappa Matthew Samuel (India), ASAP – Regional Leadership Partner
Yolanda Simon (Trinidad), International CPC Co-Chair
Khartini Slamah (Malaysia), Regional CPC Co-Chair


Community Programme Committee

CPC Vision

Committee Co-Chairs
Brent Allan, Australia
Yolanda Simon, Trinidad
Khartini Slamah, Malaysia

Committee Members
Tony Di Pede, Canada
Annie Madden, Australia
Marama Pala, New Zealand
Carlos Passarelli, UNAIDS
Claire Tuyishime Gasamagera, Rwanda


Leadership and Accountability Programme Committee

LAPC Vision

Committee Co-Chairs
Louise Binder, Canada
Annmaree O’Keeffe, Australia
Sunil Pant, Nepal

Committee Members
Mabel Bianco, Argentina
Bill Bowtell, Australia
Svitlana Moroz, Ukraine
Sheila Tlou, UNAIDS


Scientific Programme Committee

SPC Vision

Committee Co-Chairs
Marian Pitts, Australia
Gita Ramjee, South Africa
Jürgen Rockstroh, Germany

Track A: Basic and Translational Research

Brigitte Autran, France
Anthony Kelleher, Australia

Track B: Clinical Research

Jenny Hoy, Australia
Stefano Vella, Italy

Track C: Epidemiology and Prevention Research

Peter Godfrey-Faussett, UNAIDS
Andrew Grulich, Australia

Track D: Social and Political Research, Law, Policy and Human Rights

John de Wit, Australia
Justine Sass, UNESCO

Track E: Implementation Research, Economics, Systems and Synergies with other Health and Development Sectors

NweNwe Aye, Myanmar
Naomi Rutenberg, United States