What is the Youth Pre-Conference?

The Youth Pre-Conference is a two-day conference for youth (15-26 years) that aims to build HIV/AIDS-related knowledge and skills among 200 young delegates; offer a space where young people can network, strategise, and learn from one another; and provide an orientation to the main conference for effective participation and advocacy.  The Youth Pre-Conference is organized by the Melbourne Youth Force (MYF), in collaboration with the Youth Program of the International AIDS Conference 2014.


What is the Melbourne Youth Force (MYF)?

The Melbourne Youth Force (MYF) is a global coalition of youth organizations that will work together to leverage the presence and demands of young people (ages 15-26) at AIDS 2014. The Youth Force organizes the Youth Pre-Conference of the International AIDS Conferences every two years along with other youth-focused activities at the Global Village and Youth Pavilion.


Who is supporting the Youth Pre-Conference?

The Melbourne Youth Force greatly appreciates the support that it has received from its many youth focused partner organisations.

Various youth-led and youth-serving organisations have come together to support the work of the MYF. The lead local partner of the Youth Pre-Conference is Youth Empowerment for HIV/AIDS (YEAH). Other partner organisations of the MYF include: Global Youth Coalition of HIV/AIDS (GYCA), Advocates for Youth, Burnet Institute, Youth Coalition, Youth Peer Education Network (Y-Peer), Youth for Reducing Drug Related Harm (Youth RISE), Lets Stop AIDS, Global Network of People Living with AIDS (GNP+), Student Stop AIDS Campaign (stop aids), Youth Lead, Espolea, Jamaican Youth Advocacy Network (JYAN), Restless Development, Youth Advocacy Network Pakistan (YAN), The Dove Foundation, Youth Voices Count, Life, HIV young leaders fund, International Federation of Medical Students’ Association (IFMSA), Global Network of Sex Work Projects (NSWP), and the International AIDS Conference 2014.


If I am accepted as a delegate to the Youth Pre-Conference, do I have to pay anything?

If you are accepted into the Pre-Conference, MYF will provide lunch and afternoon tea on the two days of the Pre-Conference (Friday 18 and Saturday 19 July). MYF does not provide accommodation or meals outside the Pre-Conference. This will be organized by delegates themselves or you can join the MYF Peer-Support Program. The Peer-Support Program aims to connect international and local delegates so as to facilitate affordable accommodation options, provide a local contact for international guests, and foster global networking opportunities.


What if I do not want to participate for the entire two days of the Youth Pre-Conference?

If you want to be a delegate at the Youth Pre-Conference, you must commit to full participation in all activities and sessions. If you cannot commit to attending the entire Youth Pre-Conference, it is better not to apply and give the chance to someone else who can.


I do not want to attend AIDS 2014, only the Youth Pre-Conference, what should I do?

The Youth Pre-Conference is a platform to prepare young delegates for the International AIDS Conference. Therefore, preference will be given to participants who are already due to attend the main conference.


I didn’t get a scholarship for AIDS 2014 and I don’t have funding for the Conference, but I want to participate in the Pre-Conference. Is it possible?

If you live in the Melbourne area, you can attend the Youth Pre-Conference without attending the main conference. However, priority will be given to local applicants who are attending the main conference or the Global Village.  If you are not a local participant, you must be attending the main conference to be accepted to attend the Youth Pre-Conference. .


What if I do not have any place to stay during the main conference?

The Youth Program has some rooms available through student housing in the Melbourne Area. Please contact the Youth Program staff to find out more.  These accommodations, however, are not free and so you would be responsible for covering these costs. MYF also run a Peer-Support Program which may include affordable accommodation options for international delegates. The Peer-Support Program aims to connect international and local delegates to enrich their conference experiences, facilitate affordable accommodation options, provide a local contact for international guests, and foster global networking opportunities.


 If I want to facilitate a session or workshop at the Youth Pre Conference, can I do it?

There is a call for session and workshop proposals that will close on May 11, 2014. Even if you do not present a session, you may have the chance to showcase your work and the materials of your organisation during the Youth Pre-Conference.


What is the main language of the Pre-Conference?

English. Participants will be free to organise meetings and activities in their own languages, but do to the MYF’s limited resources, there will be no translation at the plenaries, workshops, or other sessions.

If you have limited English skills, we recommend that you practice English in the coming months in order to make your participation more effective and inclusive. We will try our best to assist those who have limitations with English, but unfortunately we will not have translation available. If you have friends who are also attending the Youth Pre-Conference, you may want to ask them to translate for you during the event.


How old do you have to be to apply for the Youth Pre-Conference?

Priority will be given to applicants between the ages of 15 and 26.  If we have extra room, we will also accept applicants between the ages of 26 and 29.


How old do you have to be to present at the Youth Pre-Conference?

Priority will be given to persons between the ages of 15 and 26. However in the spirit of ensuring the best possible content we also invite applications from people of all ages who have vital information to contribute that addresses a relevant thematic area. There may also be some high level speakers in attendance.


This is the first time I will travel abroad. Is there any way I can get assistance to get around?

There will be a team of volunteers stationed at the Youth Pre-Conference venue who can help you navigate around the city. We will also e-mail you a welcome packet with relevant information about the Youth Pre-Conference, details about the city, local transportation, etc. We encourage you to read these materials prior to your arrival in Melbourne. In addition, the Peer-Support Program (insert link) aims to connect international and local delegates to enrich the conference experiences, facilitate affordable accommodation options, foster global networking opportunities and provide a local contact for international guests as extra guidance and support.


Are there any interesting things happening this year at the Youth Pre-Conference?

The organising team is doing its best to provide a variety of interesting and engaging events during the Youth Pre-Conference. These include interactive sessions and workshops as well as home groups and a Youth Reception, which will give everyone the opportunity to network with other delegates and youth leaders from around the world.

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