Exhibitions, Satellites, Affiliated Events

Exhibition and Satellite applications are OPEN

Exhibitions, Satellites, and Affiliated Events are official conference activities which are designed and hosted by independent commercial and non-commercial organizations.  Exhibitions and Satellites take place in the conference venue, whereas Affiliated Independent Events typically take place in another location near the venue.  Exhibitions and Satellites are tailored to for-profit companies and large-budget entities such as foundations, donors, and governments.  Community and non-profit organizations are encouraged to explore the Global Village for low and no-cost exhibiting opportunities.



Exhibition Booths are paid physical spaces in the Exhibit Hall.  They are typically used to showcase products, services, or the work of an organization.  Exhibit Booths cost between USD 5,000 and USD 11,000. Exhibition applications close 2 May 2014.   Learn more…



Satellite sessions take place in the conference centre, but are fully organized and coordinated by the organization hosting the satellite. Conference organizers make satellite slots available for a fee, based on the room capacity and the time slot, and will allocate slots based on the overall conference programme. The programme committee will review the contents and speakers of the satellite sessions to ensure that they meet the scientific and ethical principles of the conference.  Non-commercial satellites cost between USD 5,700 and USD 18,000.  Commercial satellites can cost up to USD 80,000. Satellite applications close 14 April 2014.  Learn more…

Affiliated Independent Events


Are you planning an event in or around Melbourne that coincides with AIDS 2014? If so, why not link it to the conference as an Affiliated Independent Event? In the past Affiliated Independent Events have included meetings, forums, cultural events, galas and even performances. Affiliated Independent Events take place outside the conference venue at times that do not conflict with the conference programme. All Affiliated Independent Events must be approved by the 20th International AIDS Conference Organizers.  There are no fees associated with registering your Affiliated Independent Event, but applications must be received by 30 June 2014.  Learn more…